Prepare yourself for the cutest thing you’ll ever read in your life.

After reading this ADORABLE story between a Brazilian man and a penguin, we’re having trouble stringing together coherent thoughts… that’s how in love we are with this story!

According to retired brick layer and part-time fisherman Joao Pereira de Souza, in 2011 he discovered a penguin covered in oil and near death.

Luckily for the penguin, Joao cleaned him up and then restored his strength with a daily diet of fish. The two became so close during this harrowing time that Souza named the sweet animal Dindim.

Once it was time to return Dindim back to the wild a week later, the sweet creature refused to leave.

The fisherman recalled:

“He stayed with me for 11 months and then, just after he changed his coat with new feathers, he disappeared.”

Reasoning that Dindim went off to mate, Joao suspected he wouldn’t ever see his little buddy ever again.

Cut to a few months later when the penguin spotted Souza on the beach. Once the two locked eyes, the cute animal ran up to his rescuer and hasn’t left his side for five years. With the exception of every eight months when Dindim leaves to mate, the two have been inseparable and have formed a father and son type bond.

Speaking on their relationship, Joao explained:

“I love the penguin like it’s my own child and I believe the penguin loves me. No one else is allowed to touch him. He pecks them if they do. He lays on my lap, lets me give him showers, allows me to feed him sardines and to pick him up.”

Aww! How sweet!

A reporter who covered the wild story added:

“I have never seen anything like this before. I think the penguin believes Joao is part of his family and probably a penguin as well. When he sees him he wags his tail like a dog and honks with delight.”

Our hearts are SO full right now. Everyone deserves a precious bond like this!

So, what do YOU think of this story?

[Image via TV Globo.]

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