Where do you purchase your eggs? Unless you own a few chickens, you’re probably going out and purchasing your eggs at the grocery store or farmer’s market. But did you know that not all eggs are created equal? That’s right, YouTuber “bevyh1” has brought us an eye-opening look at the difference between dairy products from the store and the farm. The difference lies in how they were raised. The chickens used to produce many store-bought eggs live their lives in cages and eat a primarily corn-based diet. On the other hand, farm chickens are given plenty of room to run around, spread their wings and supplement their diets with as many bugs they can dig up and hunt down. Don’t believe these lifestyle changes make a difference? Look at the yolks and see for yourself.

The yolk from the farm fresh egg is a darker, richer shade of orange/yellow, whereas the other two eggs, both of which were purchased at the store, produce a pale yellow yolk. Not only are the farm fresh eggs healthier for you, but they boast a richer flavor than their supermarket counterparts. She also offers some other useful health tips in the video, like substituting potatoes for bread and using all natural salt instead of over-processed table salt.

If you are interested in finding a local farm near you that sells fresh eggs, this website will help you locate the nearest one. So, when it comes to which came first, the chicken or the egg, it doesn’t really matter, as long as that egg is farm fresh and that chicken was allowed to roam free.

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