Vitamin deficiency

If you tongue is strawberry-like red, then this can be a sign that you have a vitamin deficiency. A change in diet involving more vitamin and nutrient dense foods is probably needed.

Bad Breath

Bad oral hygiene will come from a tongue with brown or blackness to it.

Yeast infection

If you have cottage cheese tongue, that is a tongue which is white and powdery looking, then this is a sign of a yeast infection. Could be from taking antibiotics.

Aging signs

Small cracks are common signs for aging. You just want to be careful and make sure these small cracks dont get infected.

Mouth Irritations

Look out for small patches of white as this indicates something is irritating the mouth. Common with smokers, and there is a chance that these small lesions could become cancerous.

Oral Cancer

If you see frequent small red lesion spots, these could be a sign of oral cancer and youll want to see a doctor right away.

Menopause or toothpaste

This will bring on a burning sensation in the mouth if you are a woman around the age of experiencing menopause. This could also just mean you are using the wrong toothpaste, especially if you recently switched over.

Hills and Valleys

Good news! If you have hills and valley-like patterns on your tongue then this is normal and an not an indication of bad health problems.

Stress Sores

If you have sores, this could indicate you are experiencing a lot of stress. Relaxation exercises and breathing techniques to calm yourself are key for reducing stress levels.

So just by looking at your tongue, you can essentially monitor your health! Stay healthy, and share this with friends and family.

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