The air’s getting chilly and, in some parts of the United States, snow is beginning to fall. That means a few things: the holidays are coming, it’s time to sit inside and binge-watch Netflix…and all of the neighborhood squirrels will be adorably pudgy as they get ready for the cold weather.

1. Seriously, how can we NOT see this face every day?!

2. World’s fattest squirrel?

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3. I hear they’re on this new Hollywood diet. You only eat nuts…

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4. And then spend a lot of time not moving. Exercise is not your friend, after all.

5. There’s always room for seconds, right?

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6. Rolls upon rolls. That’s what he’s got.

7. So you got up there with that weight. But how are you getting your cute butt down?!

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8. “Ugh, I’m not fat. I’m big-boned.”

9. Caught in the act?

10. “I don’t even care.”

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11. Pretty sure he regrets nothing.

Squirrels don’t actually hibernate, though. Instead, they just sit inside on cold days and live off of their fat stores while they binge-watch Nutflix.

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