Here is a killer technique for finally getting rid of that extra fat hanging off your sides, your stomach, or your thighs! Check this out.

Study Shows Fat Cells Die When Exposed To Extreme Cold.

Having extra fat on your body is highly undesirable. Fat and ugly go hand and hand and all kinds of pills and potions have been put out there with fat free beauty promises. Well it turns out there is a new technique for making these fat cells disappear, quickly and easily. No surgery and no damage to your skin. Just pure fat loss.

Cool Sculpting

Generally there is two types of fat – white and brown. White fat is that loose skin or coating usually visible on the stomach region, back of arms and thighs. This is actually fat that serves as a thermal padding to maintain body temp.

Brown fat generates heat in the body. It provides energy to the body as it burns calories and fat. White fat can actually be made to copy the features of brown fat. This is known as beige fat. Both beige and brown can burn calories which make them important for losing weight. White fat on the other hand is connected with gaining fat and becoming obese.

Coolsculpting involves cooling the fat tissues to below freezing which activates the swelling of fat cells which in turn triggers natural fat cell death. Inflammation occurs 3 days after treatment, topping off at 30 days. Over 90 days the number of fat cells are greatly reduced.

Ice Therapy.

There are side effects with ice therapy and they include irregular bruising and redness. Fat cells get drained from the body, while other fat cells will expand thus a healthy diet is required. This method takes time but you can achieve the Coolsculpting effect by essentially doing it yourself, at home. How? By using ice packs!

Though perhaps not as effective, there has been studies showing that indeed on the areas of the body where ice packs were used, fat has been reduced!

Heres how to do the ice pack technique to get rid of fatty areas:

Keep an ice pack applied to the fatty area for 30 minutes. Repeat the procedure 3-4 times per week.


You can have skin burns if you use ice packs, or Coolsculpting, incorrectly.

A thin folded hand towel between the ice and the skin should be used to avoid burns. You can then remove it after the body gets used to the coolness. Make sure to use a thin towel as thicker towels wont allow the ice to penetrate enough.

If you do get an ice burn then soak the area affected with warm water for 20 minutes. Take a warm bottle of water and place it on the area with a blanket. Keep it as warm as possible, though you dont want to overdo it, and dont use direct heat such as hot water or a hair dryer. If second degree burns occur, seek medical advice immediately.

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