The best tbt in the world is the smell of a tequila shot. Nothing brings back memories of freshmen dorms, Mexican clubs, and the worst hangover of your life like the smell of a $16 handle of tequila.

The American Chemical Society – so like the opposite of AA – did a study and found that tequila is the ultimate diet drink. The agave plant used to make tequila has unique sugars which “are non-digestible, so they won’t raise your blood sugar.” So basically a tequila shot is a mini salad. It means that drinking tequila is actually low-cal, because the sugar isn’t like the kind of sugars in chocolate and non-diet sodas. Tequila was the official diet drink of my sorority, not because of the agave sugars but because we didn’t eat dinner before going out – I mean, eating is cheating.

The mice the American Chemical Society tested with agave sugars ate less, had lower blood sugars, and “produced a hormone which keeps the stomach full longer.” That’s science for tequila can help you lose weight. So your official holiday diet – do a couple tequila shots each night and don’t binge eat mozzarella sticks at 2 am. You’re welcome.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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