This is the cutest!

A tiger in Russia’s Primorsky Safari Park was supposed to get a meal of live goat as part of its regular diet when one particular goat decided he’d be better off making friends with the giant predator!

After being dropped in the massive tiger’s enclosure, Timur the goat defended himself the first few times the tiger tried to make a meal out of him.

That had never happened before to the massive Siberian (Amur) tiger who had eaten plenty of goats in the past, and the striped cat became confused.

Deciding this feisty goat wasn’t

Mezentsev continued:

“Timur follows the Amur everywhere, and the tiger quietly tolerates it. The goat even worries when the tiger disappears from sight, and will start looking for him.”


Ch-ch-check out the two of them together in action (below):

What a crazy world, this animal kingdom!

This the very definition of an odd couple! LOLz!!

[Image via YouTube.]

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