So pretty much everyone says cheese is bad for you, because fat and dairy blah blah blah, but now scientists are saying that it’s good for us, so go buy a shit ton of brie. Scientists at the University of Michigan found that nisin, a preservative in cheese, prevents cancer and kills antibiotic-resistant bacterial. When tested on mice, nisin “killed between 70 and 80 percent of cancer cells” and reduced infections. There is a god, and he’s a betch that just wants to eat cheese and drink wine.

Yes, it’s pretty early in the studies, and they don’t know if this works on humans, but I don’t want to come in late on the trend, so I’ll probably go max out my credit card at Whole Foods. Science has now proven that coffee, tequila, red wine, and cheese are the perfect diet, somebody needs to alert ‘The Biggest Loser’.

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