These three have been roommates for 15 years now. Its a very unlikely pairing between a lion, a tiger, and a bear!

Baloo the American black bear, Leo the African lion, and Shere Khan the Bengal tiger all live together at Noahs Ark Animal Sanctuary, and are very happy with one another as roommates!

Theres a reason why these three unlikely roommates ended up together.

They all started out as cubs and were rescued when police found them in someones basement in Atlanta, Georgia. It happened during a drug raid and all three animals were injured and infected. They had parasites and were extremely malnourished.

Noahs Ark Animal Sanctuary located in Locust Grove, Georgia took them all in. Thankfully, they were able to all be nursed back to health.

The most mischievous of the group is Shere Khan. When found, he was underweight and infected with parasites. They gave him treatment and got his diet in order, and now he is healthy. Hes also the most affectionate of the three.

Leo, found in a tiny cage, was suffering from an infected nose. The cage that was too small for him has left him with problems which continue to persist to this day but the rescue does state that Leo is a stoic guy and enjoys his naps on the porch.

The worst of the three was Baloo. He was found with a harness on him which was too small. This led to the harness becoming embedded in his skin, requiring surgery to remove it and treat the wounds that resulted from it. The only time the three had been apart was during Baloos surgery. The other two became very agitated and continued to call out for their brother during his absence.

It was clear the three animals were very close with one another. The rescue thought it would be best if they remain living with one another.

15 years later, and indeed, that was the right decision! Known as the BLT, these three keep each other company and clearly enjoy living together.

Whether its sleep or play, these three do it all together and act as true siblings. Noahs Ark Sanctuary houses hundreds of animals and is free to visit. They gladly take donations to help with their amazing efforts.

Truly a wonderful story! The bear, lion and tiger (or the BLT) have a remarkable friendship that started in horrible conditions and now thrives through much better circumstances. True love among three unlikely animal roommates!

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