Live a life that has you filled to the brim with excitement, a life that youre enthusiastic about when you wake up in the morning. Live a life you cant get enough of, a life that makes you smile for no reason when you think about how lucky you are.

Live a life that is filled with your kind of excitement. A life where you dont feel like youre obligated to do something, that you dont feel like youre only doing something because its required.

Live a life that makes you feel like you have a purpose, a life that makes you filled with happiness because you cant wait for all the fulfilling moments youll experience that day.

Find something that fills you with excitement and never let it go.

If its jumping out of a plane, go skydiving. If its painting abstract art become a painter. If its sitting in a bookstore that brings you pure joy, go find a bookstore. If its traveling, pack a backpack and go. If its writing articles and youve been rejected 20 times, keep submitting, keep improving, but dont let your dreams die because you get rejected, use it to inspire you to be greater and dig deeper.

Find something that makes your life feel like you found your purpose and never let it go.

Live a life where you are genuinely thankful for what you have, not a kind of life where you dont know what you have until its gone. If you cant find thanks to give in your everyday life take yourself out of your comfort zone. Spend a night sleeping on the streets, go on a mission trip and see how others live, feel empathetic for those who truly have nothing. Change your perspective and realize that you are truly lucky and that you are thankful for what you have.

Live a life where work makes you feel completed and like youre doing something good. Dont work a job that pays the bills just because, take some time out of your structured life and just let it go.

Look in the mirror and ask yourself if this life is making you happy, if this life is filling you with excitement and if the answer is no, change something.

Change your job, your routine, your diet, or your relationships, but change something. Make it better.Never stop improving.

Live a life that you are proud of. Live a life that makes you feel happy to wake up every morning and be able to start the day. Live a life that makes you smile for no reason.

Surround yourself with people who make you genuinely happy, not people who you pretend to like. People who make you a better person, that make your heart grow bigger, people that fill you with the utmost love in this life.

Live a life you are obsessed with, a life that is filled with your type of excitement and happiness. Live your best life, after all youve only got one shot to make it count.

Live a life where you don’t settle, live a life where you can honestly say you’re happy, live a life that brings you joy and live a life that you are excited about.

Find something you love and never let it go.

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