Ever heard of the weed, purslane? Most who have, consider it useless and end up pulling it up. However, theres more to purslane than you may think. It actually has pretty amazing health benefits!

So it turns out that purslane is high in vitamins and minerals. This not only can boost overall health, but the high amounts of iron and calcium that it contains, will help to support bone health! The plant can actually live 25 years. The seeds are very strong and can have excellent benefits on the immune system. Want the most Vitamin A possible? This has it, and even more so that all leafy green veggies. It also has those healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, known to prevents heart disease and stroke.

Oh yea, its GMO-free as well!

So why not include this in your regular diet by replacing it once in awhile with spinach and including it in other recipes. You can put it in salads and sandwiches as well. Purslane can boost your energy while reducing the risk of developmental disorders in children (such as autism, and ADHD).

Who would have known this weed had so many benefits? Share this with all of your health conscious friends and family!


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