Hodge Huffington, or Huff for short, looks like a typical hedgehog upon first glance. He has a white underbelly, blonde-tipped spikes, and big black eyes. He has another feature, however, that makes him stand out from the rest.

Huff has vampire teeth. His owner, Carolyn Parker, noticed after a short time that her pygmy hedgehog had a funny smile, so shebegan snapping photos. Parker created an Instagram for her goofy-looking pet, and Huff has been quickly gaining followers ever since.

Getting Huff to pose and grin for photos isn’t as easy as it appears. Oftentimes, she has to bribe him with worms to get him to show off those crazy fangs of his.

Huff’s toothy grin always brightens Parker’s day and almost acts as a type of therapy for her. Not to mention Huff’s photos allow his ownerto share a little joywith thousands of his Instagram followers!

Scroll through to see Huff, and letus know what you think of this hilarious hedgehog’s smile in the comments below.

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Huff is an adorable pygmy hedgehog that lives with his owner, Carolyn Parker. If you take a close look, you’ll notice there’s something very unique about this little guy.

When Huff grins and bears his teeth, he appears to have vampire fangs! His owner saw this and felt like she had to share it with the world, so she created an Instagram to show off her adorablenew pet.

Parker says it’s not easy getting her hedgehog to “say cheese” for the camera. Typically, she has to bribe him with worms to get any sort of reaction.

The photographs aren’t just for laughs. Parker suffers from seasonal depression due to Utah’s long, harsh winters. Snapping pictures of her goofy pet brings joy to her and the many people whofollow Huff’s Instagram!

“I had always thought hedgehogs were cute, but had never seen one in person. I was browsing pets for sale in my area and saw Huff’s cute grumpy face and I couldn’t resist,” Parker explained.

As much as Parker is benefitting from her friendship with her little pet, Huff is also much happier to be with his new owner. Huff’s former owner returned him after only feedingHuffapples, which is not consistent with a typical hedgehog’s diet.

Now, Huff is in much better hands and is well on his way to internet fame! If you’d like to check out Huff’s adorable photos,check outhis Instagram account.

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