Weve all seen our fair share of fitspo mirror selfies on Instagram.

You know, those photos that show off major thigh gaps and ab muscles that make you feel pretty bad about your own lack of abdominal definition?

Well, before you beat yourself up about not looking like these fit babes, theres something you should probably know.

It turns out these drastic body transformation photos are always as real as they appear.

Thats right. A lot of body-positivitefitness experts like Emily Skye have been taking a stand against BS body transformation photos by posting side-by-side selfies taken seconds apart to expose the sneaky tricks people use to give themselves a super-fit appearance in the blink of an eye.

Now youre probably wondering: How the hell does Skye manages to score a flawless figure in a matter of seconds? Well, its actually quite simple.

Apparently, it all boils down to using good posture, proper lighting and flattering camera angles, of course!

Seriously, Skye proves that standing up straight can make your abs appear right out of thin air.

In fact, Skye even preaches the power of posture on her Instagram account, writing,

Good posture makes all the difference! Not only do you feel better & have less aches and pains but you look better and more confident too!

Youll be glad to know that Skye isnt the only blogger on a mission to prove that diet and exercise arent the only things that come into play when capturing the perfect six-pack selfie, either.

Weve seen all sorts of fearless women come forward and show the world that sucking in your stomach and finding the perfect angle can really do wonders for your appearance.

If you ask me, Skye and her fellow fitness bloggers all serve as living proof that its time to ditch the deceiving selfies and start embracing who we truly are, imperfections and all.

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