Who doesn’t love a good cat video? Well, mice, probably. But any humans? Didn’t think so. Even dog lovers can appreciate feline antics from the safe viewing distance YouTube offers. Speaking of YouTube, Timo the rag-doll cat’s antics have been enjoyed by YouTube viewers for years now, and for good reason. His attempts to keep his predatory instincts sharp always come off a little more adorable than Timo probably intends.

Just take this video. Timo clearly wants to make a meal out of at least one of these goldfish. But all anyone can do is say “awwwww” as he bats at the water. The koi fish, for their part, aren’t helping matters much. Swimming right up to Timo, at least one of them gives him a fishy peck on the lips. That turns the cuteness factor up another notch.

Poor Timo. If only he had the fishing skills of a bigger cat. Maybe, say, a fishing cat? Fishing cats are an actual species of cat, known by their scientific name, Prionailurus viverrinus. These formidable anglers are much more effective at this particular pasttime than housecats, and up to 70% of their diet is, you guessed it, fish.

Koi on the other hand, are a pretty unusual fish. What most of us know as koi are actually a subspecies of regular old carp. Nishikigoi is the true name of these beautiful fish, which translates as “brocaded carp.” They might seem like some mysterious and ancient breed of fish due to their association with the very formal water gardens of Japan. Actually, they were only developed as a breed in the 1800s. Before that, carp was simply a dull, grey fish people used for food.

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