Another day, another model lying about her consumption of terribly fattening foods. Bella Hadidthe black sheep of the Hadid/Foster familytold WWD that her and it’s like, that’s fine and cute and dandy and relatable of you, but can you stop lying? she continues to fib through her teeth, while Yolanda squeezes fresh lemons in the background.


It’s fine to lie about things, BellaI literally do it 1-3,000 times a day depending on whom I speaking withbut as a woman in the media that young, impressionable girls look up to, saying that you eat like total fucking shit and then subsequently looking like a goddess is just confusing. I’m not saying it’s not possible, but more than likely, Bella Hadid sobs on the treadmill, eats mostly vegetables, and may or may not have an addiction to laxative teas. Try and tell me I’m wrong and that she’s just “naturally toned!!!” after you look at the following four photos of Bella Hadid eating.

(Oh, so like a bite of one?)

Looks like she really chowed down on those full scoops of ice cream, unbitten waffles, complete slices of pizza, and un-pictured burgers, huh?


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